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Our Studio has earned a reputation for inspiring and nurturing young dancers. With a diverse range of programs, a dedicated staff, and a commitment to providing the highest level of training, Shooting Stars is a place where students can pursue their passion for dance and reach their full potential.

About Shooting Stars Dance Studios

In March of 2000 Shooting Stars opened as a small neighborhood one-room dance studio (Creation Station) in Stevenson Ranch. Over the last 20+ years, we have grown alongside our community and since 2010 have established our home as the Shooting Stars Dance Studios in “Old Town” Newhall. We are happy to have extended our reach and have families participate in our programs from all over the Santa Clarita Valley.

We have a stellar staff of dedicated, talented, and enthusiastic individuals who share our philosophy and love of children. Our team is committed to helping each student foster a lifelong love of dance and reach their full potential. We take pride in being a tight-knit dance family and creating a welcoming atmosphere where our students feel right at home.

The success stories of our Shooting Stars students and the continued support of our community are the driving force behind our passion. 

We are constantly inspired by the achievements of our students and are grateful for the communities’ unwavering support over the years. Our vision is to continue on this path, embracing the limitless possibilities that come with being a Shooting Star.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Dancers to Be Their Best

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the highest level of training to all of our students, regardless of whether they are recreational dancers, competitive dancers, or those pursuing a professional dance career.

Our aim is to empower dancers of all levels to reach their full potential and cultivate a lifelong love of dance. We strive to create a genuine and caring dance family that supports not only our students, but also our local community, by providing exceptional training and experiences in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Our Mission

It is our goal at Shooting Stars to enrich the lives of children and their families by providing programs that educate, inspire and reflect a commitment to helping each student reach their potential.

The Values that Drive Our Dance Studio

At Shooting Stars Dance Studios we believe in . . .

  1. Passion & Joy: We’ll help you enhance your dance skills by infusing excitement and passion into your training.
  2. Personal Excellence: We strive to assist the development of  discipline and self-motivation to become a top-performing dancer.
  3. Exceptional Engagement: Ensure every student has a memorable and fulfilling experience in every dance class.
  4. Collaboration: Stronger together, achieve more as part of a supportive dance community.
  5. Self-Belief: Set high life goals and strive to reach your full potential

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