Junior/Teen/Senior Program

Junior / Teen / Senior Programs in Santa Clarita Valley

In this program, our classes range from beginning to advanced levels and we offer instruction for the once a week student all the way up to the aspiring, pre-professional dancer. Classes are taught by experienced, professional dancers with a passion for teaching.


Classes may include classical training, as well as Ballet specific conditioning and choreography.  An emphasis is placed on alignment, posture, technical proficiency and performance quality.

Attire: leotard (any color) & tights (skin tone or ballet pink for level 1-3, level 4 may also wear black). Skirts optional.

Shoes: ballet shoes

Hair: pulled back neatly in a ballet bun. No ponytails!

Pre-Pointe and Pointe

By invitation only – These classes are designed for the more advanced ballet dancer.

Pre-Pointe class is concentrated on ankle strength and flexibility, core strength and overall alignment to prepare for pointe work. 

Pointe class is for dancers (generally ages 12 & up) who have met certain milestones in their training and preparation. Classwork will include barre and center exercises.

Attire: leotard & tights. Skirts optional.

Shoes: ballet shoes and/or pointe shoes.

Hair: pulled back neatly in a ballet bun. No ponytails    

Jazz / Contemporary / Lyrical

Classes may be taught independently or as part of a combination class in which from week to week, instruction will vary between these three styles of dance. 

Students will have an opportunity to use their technical skills to explore differences in styles within choreography. Jazz primarily uses classical jazz technique with emphasis on style,  lines and strong grounded movement.

Contemporary is a blending of various styles that is “new” and usually involves athletic and intricate movement with strong musicality.  Lyrical dance is an expressive, fluid style that challenges the dancers to express the lyrics of a song through movement.

Attire: dancewear such as leggings or shorts, leotard, fitted dance tops or a shirt is acceptable. No excessive baggy layers.

Shoes: Jazz shoes, ½ shoes, dance socks or bare feet – depending on level or choreography – see instructor for specifics.

Hair: pulled back neatly away from face.

Improv / Modern / Ballet

These classes will be on a rotation throughout the season depending on student needs and faculty input. 

Improv study allows the student to tap into their individuality and they will practice improvising and exploring different movements based on ideas or musicality. 

Modern dance is a foundational genre that was formed as an alternative to more traditional ballet techniques that provides an excellent foundation for more advanced styles and concepts. 

Our classes may include a combination of Horton, Graham, and Limon techniques. Ballet class may also be on rotation as a classical technique class, or utilizing the “Progressing Ballet Technique” syllabus and equipment.  

Attire: Leotard & convertible tights.

Shoes: Improv – bare feet or socks, Modern – bare feet, Ballet – ballet shoes.

Hair: Improv – pulled back neatly away from face.  Ballet bun for modern and ballet class.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop dance can usually be identified by the type of music and clothing that is worn as part of hip hop culture.  

Through the years, this genre has evolved and today, “Hip Hop” is a broad term that can incorporate many different styles such as breaking, locking, popping, tutting, house, whacking, and more! 

Hip Hop choreography can be slow or fast, but is usually very intricate and requires coordination, full body movement and musicality. 

Our classes will focus on basic concepts as well as complex choreography.

Attire: Comfortable, easy to move in clothing.

Shoes: Athletic shoes – please make sure shoes are clean and free of sand, dirt, and debris before entering the studio. 

Hair: Pulled back neatly away from face, preferred, or down, but cannot be a distraction!


Tap dance is a percussive art form characterized by the sounds made as tap shoes strike the floor. 

Classes will be structured with warm-up and basic exercises that will build tap skills, speed and accuracy of sounds.  

Class choreography will allow the dancers to practice the stylized versions of both “Rhythm Tap” and “Broadway Tap”.

Attire: Dancewear or Comfortable, easy to move in clothing. 

Shoes: Quality Oxford Style Tap Shoes with laces.

Hair: Pulled back neatly away from face.

Technique / Stretch and Strength

Classes do not include any choreography but will focus on safe stretching and training methods that benefit dancers specifically. 

These combined efforts will aid dancers in improving their flexibility and strength and ultimately the execution of more advanced dance skills.

Attire: fitted dancewear – No shirts or baggy layers!

Shoes: barefoot and/or jazz shoes at teacher discretion.

Hair: pulled back neatly away from face.

Jazz / Turns and Jumps

Classes will focus on technical skill building to improve turns and jumps as part of a Jazz Curriculum. 

Warm-Up, center exercises, across the floor progressions and combinations are all utilized. 

Attire: fitted dancewear – No shirts or baggy layers!

Shoes: Level 2,3 Jazz Shoes, Level 4 – Jazz Shoes or ½ shoes.

Hair: pulled back neatly away from face.

Tumbling / Conditioning

Classes will focus on technical skill building and not include any choreography.  Cardiovascular conditioning, strength training and tumbling skills will be taught and reinforced at each student’s level.  

Skills include: bridges, backbends, handstands, forward and backward rolls, walkovers, cartwheels, aerials, handsprings and other acro skills that may be incorporated into dance choreography. 

Attire: fitted dancewear – No shirts or baggy layers! (*be prepared to be upside down).

Shoes: barefoot.

Hair: pulled back neatly away from face.

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